The Secret Skin Code

8 Aug

So when it comes to skincare, where do you begin? Did you take a peek in your mother’s medicine cabinets and try her cold cream? Maybe you went to the drugstore down the street and bought just near damn everything because SOMETHING has to work.


Secret: It doesn’t have to be that complicated! I know, crazy… but I’ve written a little formula (don’t worry if you’re not a mathematician, I’m not either) so your skin care regime can have some structure.

Cleanser + AHA + Antioxidants + Hydrator + SPF

Beautiful, Balanced Skin

Okay, bear with me before you freak out. All of these components can be found in 2-4 products.

Cleanser. Yes, you need to wash your face. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t playing in the dirt like your dog or you have naturally beautiful skin. A simple cleanser is necessary to remove make up and any surface debris. There’s a lot of crap out there in the real world.

For dry skin, choose a milky or creamy cleanser. A gel cleanser is best for normal to combination skin and if you have oily skin try one with some clay to absorb oil. Men also prefer a gel that foams, to get that sense of ‘squeaky clean’. Look for some salicylic acid in it if you’re acne prone – this will create an antibacterial effect. Soothing ingredients like chamomile, soy, cucumber, and aloe are great for sensitive skin. These are usually a hybrid of a gel and a cream formula, and should feel very calming and cooling to inflamed, red skin.

Cleanse morning and night, and if you’re a makeup junkie, do a double cleanse to get a real clean slate. It’s okay to skip a morning cleanse and just splash your face with some water if you have hyper-sensitive skin or you have pretty normal skin.

AHA. What the #!$* is that? It’s short for Alpha Hydroxy Acid, and every skin can benefit from one because they dissolve dead skin cells, allowing other products to penetrate deeper and leave you with smooth, plump skin. THIS is what is going to create a dramatic, noticeable difference in your skin. Seriously. To incorporate this into your regimen, it can be a part of your cleanser, a leave on treatment gel, or it may be a component of your hydrator. Choose lactic acid if you’re concerned with aging and hyperpigmentation (‘age spots’). Glycolic acid is the most popular, but also the most irritating.

Antioxidants. Specifically, Vitamin C. This also includes Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Co-Q10, Green Tea, I could go on for days. You may not see these ingredients working, but antioxidants help preserve the health of the skin by fighting free radicals thus, preventing aging. Healthy skin is pretty skin. Now you can find these ingredients in every type of skin product.

Hydrator. Think of your body – if you are dehydrated, you become fatigued and your internal organs don’t function properly. I don’t care how oily you think you are, that’s oil. Hydration is WATER. Hydrating your skin can actually cut down on oil production. A moisturizer with hylauronic acid is a very lightweight hydrator and will not clog your pores. For sensitive skin, dimethicone or silicone-based moisturizers will provide a barrier against the elements. Shea butter helps lock in extra moisture for drier skins.

SPF. Did you know about 80% of all skin care damage is done before you’ve reached the age of 18? How about that even driving in your car unprotected can cause long-term damage? Yes, sun damage is the #1 cause of premature aging, and it can be prevented. Tan, leathery skin is NOT a cute look ladies. Find a broad spectrum sunscreen (meaning it protects against UVA and UVB rays) with at least an SPF of 30. Look for antioxidants for added protection.

I hope that now you can feel confident when you go shopping in the store for your skincare products. You have a guideline of products and an outline of some essential ingredients – and make sure they’re good quality ingredients! You want your skin to be the best it can be, right?

Tell me a secret…

What products are you currently using at home? Are any of these new to you? More importantly, have you cracked the skin code?


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